About me

Who am I?

My name is Xavier Bordoy. I’m teacher of Mathematics. Since season 2013-2014, I have teached in an adults school in Mallorca (Spain) [1]. The levels that I teach are secondary school equivalent courses and preparation for taking exams to university and vocational training admission.

My email is somenxavier -@- gmail.com [5]. I have a twitter account (@somenxavier) but email is prefered for contact purposes.

About this site

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I intend to use works licensed under a Creative Commons licence1 or in public domain. In case I could not use these kinds of works and I need to use classic copyrighted material, the use of works is done under the protection of:

  • The right of cite and outline for teaching purposes from the article 32 of the Spanish Intellectual Property Law [3]
  • Fair use of the legislation of United States of America [4]

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I have used free, or at least open source, software for making this site. Specificaly, I have used the following software:

I use Linode as hosting company. You can use this referal URL code for letting me to earn $20 in credit. Alternatively, you can support me buying some products of my shop


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  1. preferred CC-BY and CC-BY-SA because I think they fits better my needs: they allow translations and modifications. The NoDerivatives licenses does not allow them.