Enrich your actitivies: use as many verbs as you could

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If an athlete is running at 6.833 meters per second in 1500 meters race, at which speed she would run in 3000 meters race?

This activity is very uninsteresting. It does not bring nothing to our students. How can we enrich that? In my case, I think I acomplished it incorporating as much as actions I could in the activity. In the original activity, our students just calculate. No more. In the evolved activity they do more things than that. Perhaps, the evolved activity were not interesting and it would not engage our students. I don’t know, but at least it touches more aspects of the reality. Knowledge is about connections and one way to connect is to do diffents things (or same thing in different ways).

No more preambles. Here is my activity:

You can download as pdf [1].

It involves:

  • reason
  • sketch a graph
  • place points in a graph
  • read coordinates
  • express your opinion
  • and, obviously, calculate.

I hope my students would consider it interesting.

PS: Sorry for orthographic mistakes in animation. I corrected in pdf.


[1] Bordoy, X. Athletics records. http://somenxavier.xyz/static/files/athletics-races.pdf.